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Image: LTZ400 A-Arms, +1" forward, +3" wider

LTZ400 A-Arms, +1" forward, +3" wider


Price $525.00

Ricky Stator felt it was time to do for suspension components what we've been doing with lighting for years. That is - to offer directly to the customer a reasonable priced product with outstanding performance. The bolt on A-Arms offered by us deserve a close look to see why they are such a good buy. Available in +1" forward and +3" wider. Keeping with the performance end they are fabricated from 4130 alloy. The ball joint bosses are threaded on both top and bottom arms for strength and no possibilities of loosing the ball joint due to a loose nut. The ball joints are the new Ricky Stator full ball joints. The Delrin� pivot bushings are pressed into the Arms and then precision reamed for the bearing boss. Included in the kits are new tie-rods which are fabricated from solid 17-4 stainless steel which are heat treated to H900. The flat for adjusting the tie-rod is created with a die press, which is stronger than a machined flat as like the OEM Hondas are. The tie-rods for the Suzuki Z400 are 4130 alloy tubing to accept the stock tie-rod ends. The Arms are finished with two layers of powdercoating-one colored and one clear for durability. Besides the increase of 7" width the new arms increase the front wheel travel from the stock 7.5" to 10" using the stock shock. With an after market shock you can obtain 13" of travel. We hope that if you are considering A-Arms you will look at ours. We are convinced they are the best available regardless of price. Remember- anyone can build Arms that go up and down. We chose to build them geometrically correct.

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