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Sending us your stator for repair?
For over 31 years Ricky Stator has been rewinding modifying and repairing stators for the Powersports industry.

We use only the best materials available and can rewind a wide range of stators.

Please e-mail us a picture of your stator at: info@rickystator.com. This way we can evaluate your stator and make sure it is repairable before you send it in.

We cannot track the parcels sent to us, only the ones we send, so please keep your tracking or delivery confirmation info. It is your responsibility to get your part to us.

In order to better serve you and save time, please include the following information with the part:

  • Name, returning address, phone number and e-mail address
  • Make, model and year of your vehicle
  • Tell us what seems to be the problem (no spark for example)
  • If the problem is intermittent, please describe the failure
  • Let us know if any other electronic parts have been changed on your machine
  • Please use our repair form and include it with your part

Click Here to download our repair form.

Mike working on a stator rewind