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Image: Honda Ball Joint

Honda Ball Joint

Part #RS3002

Price $19.75

We are so proud of our full Ball Joints! There is a lot of talk about them but here are some of the facts for your review.

  • A - Is Ricky Stator's full ball joint which has the most degrees of angle movement of all except the MOOG es2074 (C) which is the same. It has a 16mm threaded shaft and is essentially a copy of the TRX250R as far as the stud and socket is concerned. The ball has a lot of contact with the socket making for a more distributed load which results in better wear characteristics. Our ball joints have been tested in every long distance race and has won them all.
  • B - Is the OEM Honda from a TRX250R.
  • C - Is the MOOG tie-rod end from a Mazda truck. Probably used by a bazillion fabricators for at least 15 years with good success. Unfortunately it is a tie-rod end that requires greasing since it is metal to metal and has the spring (that occasionally breaks) for shock absorbing - good in tie-rod applications but not for ball joints. The threaded shaft is not always threaded straight and even also.
  • D - Is the VW transporter tie-rod end. It has a 14 mm shank which we feel is too small (bet the guy that wrecked this one feels the same). Notice since it is a tie-rod end it has the spring also. This type has been used for years since the stud fits into the Honda spindle without machining.
  • E - Is the "Italian" made so called ball joint. This is a typical auto tie-rod end as you can see.

(These ball joints will not fit stock A-arms) 

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